RACE Charities raises over $10,000 at the Wichita Thunder Hockey Promotion Night!

Wichita Thunder “Fight Cancer Night”

The Wichita Thunder’s 2nd annual promotion of R.A.C.E.’s FIGHT CANCER NIGHT was very successful and helped R.A.C.E fulfill Glory’s mission to Raise Awareness of Colon cancer Earlyon to thousands of people and raise over $10,000 dollars for colon cancer early detection research.

The family of Glory Gensch gives its heartfelt thanks to every Thunder member, R.A.C.E Warrior volunteers, Exact Science\Cologuard representatives, and thousands of supporting fans. Everyone’s commitment to promote Glory’s wish to “help save lives” was valued. As other lives were affected, hopefully your lives were impacted, too. Credits go to:

  1. Thunder’s Vice President Matt Brokaw, staff members, and players opened the door for
    R.A.C.E.’s FIGHT CANCER NIGHT and offered extra efforts to make it a safe and
    successful evening that awesomely promoted colon cancer awareness and early
    detection research. How special it was to see that Thunder team members were
    Warriors on ice. Not only did they look awesome on ice in their commemorative custommade
    black and gold colored R.A.C.E. jerseys, but they played awesome as well! After
    battling a hard fought game, the players came onto the ice to remove their jerseys and
    greet fans as part of the jersey auction ceremony. 100% of the revenue each jersey that
    was auctioned to the highest bidder was donated to R.A.C.E.
  2. Each R.A.C.E. Warrior volunteer was important and necessary before and during the
    event, helping Glory’s voice and mission to live-on. Junior Warrior Jaden Zeller came all
    the way from Denver, Colorado and bravely walked onto the ice rink in front of
    thousands of fans to drop the ceremonial pre-game puck.
  3. One of the well-known names in colon cancer early screening detection, Exact Sciences,
    was in attendance as a strategic partner of R.A.C.E. to promote its flagship product-
    Cologuard. Cologuard representatives passed out information and answered questions
    related to colon cancer and the early detection screening methods it provides and
    proved to be a valuable strategic partner as both organizations (Exact Sciences &
    R.A.C.E Charities) promote the importance of detecting colon cancer early-on via
    effective colon cancer screening.
  4. To the thousands of Thunder fans R.A.C.E. simply says, “Thank you!”, because there
    are no words to express how appreciated and necessary you are for life saving causes.
    You were truly a “lifesaver” by showing up, offering personal stories about cancer, and
    being sensitive to the need of early detection of colon cancer — a curable cancer if
    found early.

Fight Cancer Night was a night of Thunder.