September, 2014 AGA Journal Publication shows promise for colon cancer patients. This discovery is, in part, due to RACE’s direct lab donation.

In September of 2006, KRWM WARM 106.9 radio station interviewed Jeromy Gensch as a part of its annual “Catch a Cure for Cancer” Radiothon.  Jeromy had the opportunity to share Glory’s story on the radio as well as his 126 mile run from Stillwater, OK to Wichita, KS the week Glory passed away.  The story was broadcast throughout the entire Seattle/Tacoma area on a coveted morning rush hour slot.  The radio broadcast was a tremendous opportunity to tell Glory’s story and spread the word about the initiatives and research findings of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (FHCRC) related to colon cancer and other stories so similar to Glory’s.

Many thanks to KRWN WARM 106.9 and the wonderful folks at FHCRC for making the interview possible and helping with the continued advancement of awareness of early detection of cancer.

To download and listen to the broadcast, please click the below hyperlink and wait for the file to play or RIght-Click on the link and “Save Target As” to your PC as a MP3 file and then play:

WARM 106.9 – Interview with Jeromy – Catch a Cure Radiothon

In Glory's words-

If just one life is saved, the sacrifices we all make will be worth it.

-Glorianna Gensch (June 2007)