Warrior Accounts

Help Raise Funds

Warrior Runner Accounts provide a great way for you to help raise funds for RACE Charities by creating your own customized Web Page, which includes your own “Text” of why you are raising money for RACE (In your words), as well as a photo that you can upload to your page and a TARGET GOAL fundraising amount which you set as your goal for achieving.

Please consider signing up for your own Warrior Runner account today!  Your assistance in raising money can help save lives!  Here’s how:

Your customized Warrior Runner account will automatically generate a specific URL (hyperlink) which you can then e-mail to all of your friends, family, co-workers, and associates who would receive your e-mail and visit your customized fundraising website.  Visitors to your site can pledge an amount which is credited instantly toward your $$$ goal and are then directed to the Online donations sections of the secure site for using a debit card or credit card to donate.

Thank you for your consideration of signing up to become a Warrior Account holder and please spread the word to others to consider joining.  Also, as a Warrior Account holder, you can always login to your private account to edit your page and use it in connection with a RACE event you are participating in, or at any other time for any other noteworthy cause or event you feel led to use this for.  Please click the Sub-buttons/links to the left to start the process and/or login to your account.

In Glory's words-

If just one life is saved, the sacrifices we all make will be worth it.

-Glorianna Gensch (June 2007)