RACE Charities raises over $14,000 at the Wichita Thunder Hockey Promotion Night!

Wichita Thunder “Fight Cancer Night”

R.A.C.E. Charities Foundation’s gratefulness for FIGHT CANCER NIGHT goes to the Wichita Thunder Hockey Organization for the opportunity to HONOR GLORY GENSCH’s mission in her hometown of Wichita, KS. Glory’s hope was that someday there would be an early detection test to identify colon cancer in the early stage that would save lives. The Wichita Thunder’s promotion of R.A.C.E.’s FIGHT CANCER NIGHT was successful to fulfill Glory’s mission to Raise Awareness of Colon cancer Early-on to thousands of people and raise over $14,000 dollars for colon cancer early detection research.

The family of Glory Gensch gives its heartfelt thanks to every Thunder member, R.A.C.E Warrior volunteers, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center sending a representative, and thousands of supporting fans. Everyone’s commitment to promote Glory’s wish to “help save lives” was valued. As other lives were affected, hopefully your lives were impacted, too. Credits go to:

  1. Thunder’s Vice President Matt Brokaw, staff members, and players  opened the door for R.A.C.E.’s FIGHT CANCER NIGHT and offered extra efforts to make  it a safe and successful evening that awesomely promoted colon cancer awareness and early detection research. How special it was to see that Thunder team members were Warriors on ice. Not only did they look awesome on ice in their commemorative custom-made green R.A.C.E. colored jersey, but they looked awesome, after battling a hard fought game, when taking the jerseys off at the post game auction. 100% of each jersey that was auctioned to the highest bidder was donated to R.A.C.E. with an added bonus of RG Flath’s haircut challenge for raising $10,000. RG’s hair was cut on the ice, followed by teammate Tim Boron’s hair-cuttting moment for the cause of saving lives from colon cancer. They were Warrior’s indeed, demonstrating a unique way to FIGHT FOR LIFE.
  2. Each R.A.C.E. Warrior volunteer was important and necessary before and during the event, helping Glory’s voice and mission to live-on. Even a seven year old named Micah, Glory’s cousin, was a R.A.C.E. Warrior indeed, bravely walking onto the ice rink in front of thousands of fans to drop the pre-game puck.
  3. One of the well-known faces of FHCRC, Stephanie, was sent to the FIGHT CANCER NIGHT from Seattle to support, speak, and stand with the family of R.A.C.E. After many years she continues to persevere running alongside of R.A.C.E. with the same mind and hope of Glory. All donations to R.A.C.E. are given to the FHCRC, in the area of colon cancer early detection research, the center of Glory’s choice.
  4. To the thousands of Thunder fans R.A.C.E. simply says, “Thank you!”, because there are no words to express how appreciated and necessary you are for life saving causes. You were truly a “lifesaver” by showing up, offering personal stories about cancer, and being sensitive to the need of early detection of colon cancer — a curable cancer if found early.

Fight Cancer Night was a night of Thunder.