Over 50 Runners turn out for Run 4 Glory!

While Glory was fighting for her life against the cancer that had ravaged her body, her brother, Jeromy told her he wanted to be a “warrior for her” and to exemplify her “warrior spirit” to survive her decease, he would run from Stillwater, Oklahoma to Wichita, Kansas. Glory’s brother, Ben, said he would join his brother too! The 126 mile run was started on July 1. Glory passed away on July 5, 2007. On July 14th over 50 runners joined with Glory’s brothers for the last 8 mile leg of the 126 mile trek. There were another 40 people at Watson Park in Wichita to cheer on the group at the finish line. The 90 degree heat and humidity didn’t stop the crowd from turning out and being part of a very special day.

The RUN for GLORY event was a tremendous Memorial to Glory’s personal fight for life and a fitting way to commemorate her long hard fought battle, and it was a wonderful testimony for those family members and friends who loved her so much and supported her through her journey’s end.  Many thanks to the O’Donnell family and other volunteers who helped coordinate the event and ensure its success! Glory would have been very proud and best of all it brought a lot of people together to help see for themselves the potential of RACE Charities and the vision of where the foundation is going in the future!