Virtual Relay

Inaugural RACE Charities Foundation Virtual Relay to start Mid-November!

People of all ages and ability can help us in our cause to raise much needed funds for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center’s (Fred Hutch) Colon Cancer early detection research. Tremendous progress is being made right now in the area of early detection of colon cancer, but your help is greatly needed. The Fred Hutch colon cancer research projects are directed by lead research doctor William Grady. Dr. Grady’s lab is underfunded due to budget cut-backs and diminishing federal funds, which is gravely disappointing because of the promising advancements that Dr. Grady and his staff are making right now in the area of detecting colon cancer in its early stages without the need for intrusive and expensive screening tests. The partnership between Fred Hutch and RACE Charities Foundation allows us to create the Online platform for raising money via the Internet as we form fundraising teams to ‘Go For Glory’ by spreading the word and harnessing the viral nature of social media, the Web, and e-commerce.

Next week we will be going live with the formation of fundraising teams, who will in turn both raise funds and coach/encourage each team member (also known as Warrior Runners via warrior runner accounts) to spread the word virally and raise greatly needed donations to such a worthy cause.

Will you join us? Contact us at to learn more about how to participate in a variety of ways. The new Virtual Relay Module of this website will be live in the next few days with real-time fund raising pace calculator, fund raising clock, leaderboard, and more! Stay tuned and please revisit the website soon to see how the virtual relay is progressing and to learn more information.

In Glory's words-

If just one life is saved, the sacrifices we all make will be worth it.

-Glorianna Gensch (June 2007)