Gamma Phi’s ‘Go For Glow’!

University of Arizona’s Gamma Phi Beta Sorority “GlowRACE”

On March 2, 2013 the University of Arizona chapter of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, which is the sorority Glory Gensch belonged to from 2002-2006, hosted its annual Crescent Classic event at Reid Park in Tucson, and over 250 runners turned out to form relay teams and compete in the event. The event took place at dusk/evening time and symbolized the “GLOW” aspect of “Go for GLOW” in a 10K team relay event called a “GlowRACE”. To view the streaming Online video of this event, please click on the below video player:

The Gamma Phi’s were out in full force for promoting, managing, and directing the race initiatives and fund raising efforts. One of RACE Charities Foundations’ chief supporters- Dr. Valentine Nfonsam, a Tucson-based renowned colon cancer surgeon and advocate of early detection of colon cancer, addressed the audience before the race and spoke about the importance of early detection and colon cancer screening, even in young people. The majority of proceeds will go to RACE Charities Foundation and help RACE Charities advance its efforts of funding leading-edge technology development of biomarker research and early detection science.