Phoenix Marathon

Go for Glory!

Brandon Paulseen (Wichita, KS) ran the Phoenix 1/2 marathon in an incredible time of 86 minutes and Brad Rutkowski (Phoenix, AZ) finished in 97 minutes!  Ben Gensch finished the 1/2 in under two hours, while Corey Rangel (Phoenix, AZ) and Ashley Carrillo (Tucson, AZ) both completed their very first 1/2 marathon.  Congrats to all the 1/2 marathon runners.  A special Congratulations goes out to Amanda Dimitroff (Denver, CO) for completing her very first full 26.2 mile marathon and Ryan O’Donnell for finishing the full marathon in under 4 hours.


A heart-felt thanks to the Desert Mountain High School Cheer team for sporting the RACE Charities camo gear and representing the “Be a Warrior” spirit as the entire squad cheered runners on for over five hours and finished the cheer contest in 2nd place out of 35 teams.  Great work!  The Cheer squad is coached by Angela Heinzerling, Lynn Jarvis and Sara Teller and the above photos show the result of their hard work and great spirit!